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Specialist Dog Training

Ross McCarthy spent over 12 years running dog training classes. Although he taught puppy and adult dog classes, he became best known for his critical behaviour classes. These were developed not only through the needs of his behavioural consultancy, but as a result of having numerous clients that were either refused training classes or were banned from attending classes due to their dogs behaviour. Ross opened his door to all dogs, whatever their problems. For many years, dogs that displayed aggression to dogs or people or displayed obsessive compulsive disorders were welcomed to all train and work together. Was this class chaotic, noisy and uncontrolled? Not at all; Silence reigned and learning was taking place…dogs and owners were relaxed creating a calm, fun and social learning environment for both people and dogs.

Ross comments “if people or dogs are fearful, then no learning can take place. The environment that you, as the trainer create is critical to the success that owners achieve with their dogs.”

He is a firm believer in positive, balanced and fun training. If either the owner or the dog or both do not like the atmosphere of the training class, there will be no results. Equally if the trainers are not passionate, knowledgeable and holistic there will be limited success.

Ross has been invited by many training organisations and classes to train their trainers and to work with their problematic dogs to create a more blended learning environment for all.

Ross and his colleagues offer a half day or one day course at your training location to rapidly improve the results that you see from clients and their dogs.

Specialist Training for Dog Behaviour