Ross McCarthy and the London Dog Behaviour Company

When Ross is asked what he does for a living, people often question, intrigued as to how that came about (sometimes the way that they ask implies it is the weirdest job in the whole world!) His answer is that he was a strange child – for some reason, he had a fascination with dogs; pretty much from the age he could talk, he wanted to be with dogs! It wasn’t because his family owned dogs – they didn’t. Where the strange obsession came from is unknown, but now he is ‘living the dream’ – well his funny little dream anyway…

He began, at age 8 walking dogs for other people and quickly built up numerous canine clients that he would walk together – unwittingly learning skills of dog handling, training and how to introduce new dogs to an existing pack. He then went on to work at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as a kennel hand, whilst still at school and enjoyed being involved in the training sessions, learning from the trainers. Progressing to working as a part-time dog trainer and obedience instructor at various dog training clubs he went to work and to study at the Canine & Feline Behaviour Centre.

He began the London Dog Behaviour Company in 1999 and has since worked with many hundreds of dogs displaying problematic behaviour presenting as an array of common and uncommon, normal and abnormal behaviours. Many would say ‘he has seen it all’. But Ross knows differently, just when you think you have seen everything – there is something surprising right around the corner.

Ross developed very successful puppy and adult dog training classes, but became well known for his Critical Behaviour Classes. Taking on dogs with behavioural issues and integrating them into a group for training. So many classes would (and still are) closing their doors to dogs who present problematic behaviour. Unfortunately, due to time restraints and many other canine related commitments, Ross no longer runs training classes, but uses his experience to work with training schools to assist the progression of training in behavioural case dogs.