Ross McCarthy and the London Dog Behaviour Company

Dogs are an amazing, intelligent species and deserve to be treated as such. When bred, trained and raised correctly, they can be the most wonderful companions, welcomed anywhere. When things go wrong, they can be difficult to manage, suffer incomprehensible distress or be dangerous. With knowledge, effort and time the problematic dog, can become a pleasure. Fortunately, dogs do live in the moment and have a far greater ability than people do to change completely.

What alters a dogs’ problem is knowledge and desire – do you know how to do it, can you do it, do you want to do it and will you do what it takes to do it? We can provide the knowledge, skills and techniques, but you have to have the drive and learn the skills to do what is necessary to make the changes that you want to see over the short, medium or long term.

We use primarily reward based methods, but much in common with rearing children, dogs need consequences for actions – both rewarding and unrewarding. Our goal is to primarily improve the lifestyle of your dog and by default, your lifestyle will improve and you will enjoy an enhanced bond with your dog.