Ross and His Dogs

Ross and his dogs

Ross has personally owned numerous breeds of dog quite literally from numerous Chihuahuas and Great Danes to all in between.

German Shepherds have always been a part of his home and family. Currently, Ross owns Vhko a sixteen year old male, who like many of his dogs came as a welfare case dog – read more here.

Also Ross has a German Spitz (klein) female named Bh-li who came as an unexpected addition to him via a client who he was working with for a long time, read her story here.

He also owns two male Rottweilers. 10 year old Utz (Hanbar Karlo Von Gainshaus) and 8 year old Rohkh (Rottphoenix Eberto Von Gainshaus) along with a 3 year old female Rottweiler, Aiidh (Bamabel Gene for Gainshaus).

He competes with his Rottweilers in Working Trials, which is best described as Civilian Police Dog Training. Read more about his Rottweilers here.

All of Ross’s dogs are used as stooge dogs, so it is very likely that if you have a problem with your dogs aggression towards other dogs, you will meet one, some or all of them at your consultation.