Client Feedback

The motivation to do this work, for all of our practitioners is to help. Not only for dogs enjoy their lives to the full, but help their owners to understand their canine companions and by default enjoy an improved quality of life themselves.

Below is a small selection of feedback received from clients regarding their dogs. Some have been in the form of e-mails, some cards and letters and others are from client feedback forms that get sent out once per year to assess progress and to help us improve the service and support that we offer.

The credit for the change in the dogs behaviour has to lie with the diligent and caring owners that we meet constantly. To admit to and to seek help with a Canine Behaviour Problem in the first instance is very admirable, to follow our advice and to work so hard on reforming their dogs behaviour is also highly commendable. There is no change without change and there is no change without commitment.

Some of our clients…

  • Client Feedback - Bailey
  • Client Feedback - Dave
  • Casper
  • Client Feedback Teddy
  • Dorje The Tibetan Terrier


More Client Feedback