More Client Feedback

How I wish I’d sought Ross’ help long before I did.

I adopted my 5-year-old rescue, Ziva, when she was nearly 6 months old. She arrived scared of everything, but she settled over time. That said, her recall remained rather variable, particularly where discarded food was involved! And then last August, I was walking Ziva on-lead along my road and an off-lead Alsatian
attacked and wounded her. After the incident, she started behaving differently towards certain larger dogs – either barking at them from a distance or running at more timid dogs in a bullying way. I was shouted at
by dog owners more times than I like to remember. I started to become tense during walks, which undoubtedly resulted in a downward spiral.

Within just a few weeks of Ross’ help, walking Ziva is a totally different experience. His initial advice worked a dream – it has also stopped her going into a frenzy when seeing cats as we walk along the road. Stage two was working on recall because, as Ross explained, I would be able to get Ziva beside me and keep her out of ‘trouble’. He recall is now brilliant; she comes every time; even working when she’s come across discarded food. More than that, I’ve realised how my relationship with Ziva has changed.  Ziva had always been very independent on walks, but she now keeps a close eye on where I am and will come running after me (unsolicited) if I’m too far from her.

My experience shows how Ross is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced regarding dog behaviour. But more than that, he understands how a dog owner can affect the situation. Ross has been so encouraging of me and boosted my confidence. He’s created an upward spiral. I say that as someone who’s been around/owned dogs all my life. The problem is usually human not canine!

Heidi – Spaniel Mix (Owned by Carrie Jones)

We know there is a long way to go and a lot of hard work still to put in place not just for Heidi but for us too – that said, if anyone had said 2 weeks ago we would be in Burnham Beeches walking and having a coffee or going to Richmond Park etc – we would have been very sceptical. This has shown quite clearly that when instruction/advice comes from an expert like yourself then great things can be achieved. I have always believed she was capable of being a great dog and a great companion both in and out of the house and this last week has shown that this is quite possible. And we CAN NOT THANK YOU and THE PACK enough for starting us off.

Carrie, Andy & Heidi

Sonny – Yorkshire Terrier (Owned by Dawn Humphries)

If you ever think you can’t change your dog…you are wrong!

Honestly….I can’t believe I didn’t contact Ross before! Since his visit instructing us what we needed to do, Sonny is changing already. If I hadn’t seen Sonny in my own back garden with two other dogs ……….. I would never have believed it could have happened! I have to say that day will stay with me for life, the relief and excitement of MY dog mixing with two other dogs in my garden… was amazing! Not to mention by the end of it Ross and Judy were able to stroke Sonny without him taking a bite! It just leaves me to say, I’m just sorry I didn’t contact Ross as soon as Sonny’s unacceptable behaviour started, thinking you can fix it yourself by watching dog programs just doesn’t replace hands on, one to one advice.

Harry – Chihuahua (Owned by Ashley Harrison)

…we continued to work through further steps and Harry astonished me – he learned quickly and by the end of our session, was able to sit near me with Ross and his three dogs to have a photo taken, without making a sound!

Since our session we have made huge progress. Chris and I have started taking Harry out on walks where we know we will meet other dog walkers (rather than avoiding them), to ensure that he has at least a couple of new interactions every day. Initially we were doing this on-lead, and now we have graduated to allowing him more and more time off-lead, as our trust in him (and our ability to manage his interactions) grows. We’re still very careful around each new dog as we are mindful that he doesn’t need any negative encounters at this stage, but we’ve had some brilliant experiences that I never thought we’d have. Several times, Harry has met new dogs in our local park and not only stayed calm, but got them to play chase with him! We feel so much more relaxed now when we take him out and best of all, we can see how much pleasure he gets from making new doggy friends. We must look like two proud parents as we watch him run and play, with his tail wagging and grinning from ear to ear!

It’s hard to put into words how good it feels to have achieved this with Harry, and every time I think about it, I just smile. I am immensely proud of my little rescue dog, and extremely grateful to Ross for his help. We really wouldn’t have had this breakthrough without his help, and it has changed our lives – but most importantly it has changed Harry’s life for the better.

Ashley Harrison

Nala – German Shepherd Dog (Owned by Dymphna D’Costa)

Dear Ross

Nala and I cannot thank you enough for your help. I got Nala when she was four and a half months old, full of life and lovely. It then transpired that she was demonstrating signs of fear aggression to other dogs. I was recommended to contact you. After a number of telephone conversations you came to visit us bring your three lovely dogs Vhko, Bh-li and Utz. You and your three dogs helped Nala gain a huge amount of confidence with other animals. You also gave me invaluable advice on how a few house rules would help Nala feel much more confident and happy around the family and our home. Since then Nala is much more confident with other dogs and looks forward to our daily walks where she can be allowed to play off the lead and I have trained her under your guidance to always come back to me when required. Nala is also much better behaved around the home, however as she is still a puppy we have a little more to go but I know that if I need your advice or support you are always happy to help. Thank you Ross

Dymphna and Nala

Ella – German Short-haired Pointer (Owned by Arie Chapman)

Dear Ross,

I am writing to say a huge thank you for all of the help that you gave me with Ella, the training is still going and I am entering my first field trial in a month!! Without Ross taking me back to basics and giving me the confidence to keep going with Ella I would hate to think of the kind of dog that she would be now.

So thank you again, and I hope if you are ever over towards Henley, you will call me so that I can buy you a drink.

Arie Chapman

Dave – Staffordshire Mix (Owned by Rob Chalkwright)

We adopted a dog from the RSPCA last year who’s name is Dave (Sandy Staffordshire Bull Terrier). As I know he had a few of homes prior to us and you worked hard to re home him, I thought you may like to know how he is getting on. He settled in very well and we worked hard on the issues which you advised us of. However we felt he needed proper help from an expert.

In the summer of last year we hired Ross McCarthy who within an hour had Dave was socialising with two other dogs. Dave was a different Dog straight away to the point my wife and I thought he had switched Dave with another dog.

Dave is very happy and still loves a cuddle. He has a few doggy friends on walks although he is more interested in the owners who carry treats.

If you have any people who need a very good trainer I would highly Recommend Ross McCarthy

Rob Chalkwright  

Fraser – Collie Crossbreed (Owned by Linda Mellowes)

Dear Ross

Many thanks for forwarding the report on Fraser received this morning. I had already printed off the e-mail version so we have introduced his new lifestyle over the weekend.

Fraser is responding very well to his training so far and is actually taking notice of John now. I have continued our training when we go for our walks and he is responding well to the sit, Down and Stay commands. I cant believe how much he has calmed down already and has literally stopped following me around all the time. Great!!

Will keep a record of how things progress and will let you know.

Yours Sincerely

Linda Mellowes

Cerys – Border Collie (Owned by Mrs Blan)

Dear Ross,

Many thanks for your help with Cerys, With your advice she really is a different dog. Everyone who knew her remarks on how well she is getting on and she is learning to control her aggression.

Thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely

Marie Blan

Penny – Jack Russell Terrier (Owned by Mr and Mrs Garner)

The total ‘Life change’ and life changing advice that Ross gave us with regard to Penny and her aggressive displays towards us was invaluable. Seeing us/Penny at home and being able to point out many aspects of our behaviour that needed to be changed which he may not have seen at the centre means I would always recommend a home visit.

Thanks very much

Mr & Mrs D J Garner

Leo – Boxer (Owned by Christine Brannan)

Ross McCarthy London Dog Behaviour SpecialistHi Ross
How are the training courses going? Leo is great! His training was so valuable and we have noticed so many improvements. When you have a moment I would be grateful if you could forward me the details of the dog food (meat) distributor you once mentioned to me. I meant to follow it through and didn’t.

Many thanks.

Regards to Judy.

Christine (Brannan)
PS. Delighted to receive the Train your Dog in 21 Days! Really chuffed! What a fine, well behaved boxer I must have!!!