Puppy Consultations

Having a dog as part of the household can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  Choosing the right type of puppy for your type of lifestyle and making sure you do the groundwork at the beginning of your blossoming relationship with your new dog, is of paramount importance.  It is far easier and saves a lot of heart ache if you train your dog’s behaviour from the very beginning, rather than waiting for little problems to start.

We can provide 2 types of consultation for new puppies.  Our pre-puppy consultation is designed to help you at the very beginning of your decision to own a dog.  Alternatively if you have already picked your puppy and are looking for guidance on how to make a smooth transition for your puppy joining the family, then we can offer a new puppy consultation.  Click through below for more details on what each consultation entails, or if you want further help then drop us an email and we’ll be able to help you further.



Pre-Puppy Consultation

Pre Puppy Consultation

New Puppy Consultation

New Puppy Consultation