New Puppy Consultation

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

People tend not to be into prevention and will often await the development of behavioural or training issues before seeking professional advice. This is most unfortunate.

When obtaining a new puppy, there is no need to have them urinate or defecate about the house, whilst learning to be clean. Done effectively house toilet training takes no time at all with no, or very few ‘mistakes’.

Similarly puppies are a blank canvas – much easier to recall train than a dog with experience and repetition of ignoring frantic calling in the park.

Our ‘new puppy’ consultation may be the most important two hours an owner can spend on their dogs future. It is extremely rare that a puppy which has been seen by our practitioners to ever need a behavioural consultation later in adulthood. This compact consultation guides you through the most important learning curve in your dog’s life. Most new dog owners who book a puppy consultation with us write their own list of concerns for the future and current problems.

These are then all addressed in addition to the following:

    • How Dogs Learn
    • The Puppy’s view of our world (and your home)
    • Nutrition for life
    • Prevention of Problems
    • Chewing and General Destruction Dangers; Plants, Electrical Objects and destruction prevention
    • Obedience Training for Puppies Obedience Training: Sit, Down, Heel, Stays – the use of rewards
    • Car Training and Sickness Prevention
    • House Toilet Training
    • Breed-specific socialisation – the correct route and the vital periods
    • House geography – begin as you mean to continue
    • Children and Puppies (if applicable)
    • Visual (DVD) training programmes
    • Continuity Advice