Pre Puppy Consultation

We offer 2 types of pre-puppy consultations

The first is a puppy selection appointment. This is to discuss the needs of the family, their expectations of dog ownership and the discussion of breeds that may be suitable. So many people choose a dog based on aesthetics – which is perfectly normal, but not at all practical. All breeds are different and have predisposed behavioural traits and temperament.

Understanding this is critical. Breeder knowledge is absolutely essential when purchasing a puppy as is how to select the puppy from the litter. All of this and the below is covered.

The second type of consultation is for those that have already chosen a puppy. During this consultation we will cover the following:

    • Collection of the puppy
    • Car travel
    • The first days in the home
    • Where the puppy should sleep
    • Crate training
    • Nutrition
    • Toilet training
    • Safety rules
    • Children and dogs
    • How dogs learn
    • Prevention of problems
    • Breed-specific socialisation
    • Continuity advice and
    • Anything else that is on your list of concerns for the future.