Key Worker Training

Our  workshops are specifically designed to aid key workers (or anyone really) when visiting clients, customers, friends within their own homes.

Many who work in the public sector have to undertake home visits within the course of their work. Many households have dogs which may provide you with cause for concern and worry. This may in turn affect relationship building with clients and the outcome of your visits.

Our workshops will give you more knowledge, techniques and skills to manage these situations with confidence and keep you safe around dogs.

You will:

  • Learn how to read elements of a dogs body language and recognise the signals that they are giving you
  • Learn some simple techniques for keeping yourself comfortable and safe when feeling intimidated
  • Understand how best to get to know a dog and what not to do
  • Get a chance to practice greetings and safety techniques with real dogs
  • Explore how to use the dogs to build rapport with clients
  • Learn how to feel calm and confident and to manage dogs belonging to others
  • Provide onward points of contact for concerning dogs that you encounter


This workshop is carried out by The Dog Safety Education Executive. For further information on this workshop please click here.