Social Services Family Placement

 We conduct canine behavioural assessments for and on behalf of various organisations specialising in fostering and adoption agencies.


  • Assessment of general dog behaviour
  • Psychological profile of dog and owner
  • Establish canine status using specifically designed tests
  • Recommendations and results presented in formal report
  • Advice relating to new child/baby introduction if required


When placing children in to temporary or permanent new homes where a dog already resides, it is often useful to have the dogs temperament professionally assessed as to the stability and suitability of the dog when considering placing a child.


Our canine assessment appointments generally last for two hours. Prior to a meeting in the potential carers homes, we ask that our specifically designed psychological profile forms are completed in regard to owner, dog, environment and attitudes. During the assessment meeting; we conduct a variety of tests designed specifically that replicate as closely as possible the child’s likely handling in a variety of ways that potentially would provoke a response in the dog.

Owner attitude towards the dog, knowledge of canine care and responsibilities are also looked at as a matter of course as well as the standard of care for and well-being of the dog and social conscience.

We also frequently conduct assessments when a child has already been placed in a home. This is most useful to observe child and dog interacting together. Some young people through previous experiences can be unwittingly and occasionally knowingly antagonistic towards family pets. This can be discerned and worked with.

Our findings are then presented in a formal report to the relevant person (social worker/other).