Ross in the Media

Discover Ross in the Media, showcasing his noteworthy appearances as a distinguished dog trainer and canine behaviour expert across news channels and his own informative training videos.
Harrlet Scott and Chris Rogers – BBC Radio London

Tom Price – BBC Radio Wales

Filming for the new Guild of Dog Trainers’ ‘Smart Puppy’

Ross McCarthy with two of his Rottweilers - filmed for the Guild of Dog Trainers

Ross McCarthy with his dogs at the Kennel Club

Ross McCarthy with his dogs during coffee break on the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour

Using a Toy as a reward marker for teaching ‘Speak’

Fun training with a toy as a reward marker teaching bark on command.

Using ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to shape a behaviour.

Teaching a dog to sit ‘close’ using Yes and No Markers.

Tracking human Scent – Rottweiler in the Woodland

Rottweiler ‘Utz’ tracking human scent and finding, indicating and retrieving lost articles.

Ross McCarthy discussing breed selection and socialisation.

The critical influence of socialisation as well as breed inherent drives.